About Us

Unveiling the Soul Behind The Kind Group LLC.

Founded in the heart of New Jersey, The Kind Group LLC. emerged from a shared passion for revolutionizing the smoking industry. What started as a humble vision has blossomed into a leading manufacturer of dry herb vaporizers, vape pens, glass, and smoking accessories.

Our mission is simple: to redefine the smoking experience through innovation, quality, and integrity. We believe in providing enthusiasts with more than just products; we offer a lifestyle that celebrates individuality and creativity.

At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to authenticity and transparency. We prioritize sustainability in our manufacturing processes and source only the finest materials to ensure our products exceed expectations.

But beyond our dedication to craftsmanship lies a deeper purpose. We are advocates for change, striving to destigmatize smoking by promoting responsible consumption and education.

Join us in our quest to elevate the smoking experience and empower enthusiasts worldwide to embrace a lifestyle of kindness and creativity.

The Kind Glass
C/O The Kind Group LLC.
1808 Brielle Ave
Ocean, NJ 07712
(Location does NOT process any in-person sales or warranty issues)

Email: [email protected]

Meet The Team

We’re led by a team of KIND, creative thinkers and visionaries. We inspire and challenge each other every day. #BEKIND

Anthony Gagliardi
CEO / Founder

kick back n relax – either you’re in or you’re in the way!

Brianna Calabrese
Marketing Director

Hi, Im Bri and if its free, its for ME….

Thomas Gagliardi
Project Manager

I got 99 problems but a B@#tch aint one!

Jimmy Ranslow
General Manager

They call me Jimmy Jams, the OG Jimmy Jams!