Giggles – Water Pipe


    Giggles – Mini Bong

    Meet Giggles – the ultimate in water pipes. A perfect blend of effectiveness and simplicity, it guarantees smooth draws, powerful hits, and – most importantly – ZERO bong water splashback!

    Choose the Giggles if you’re looking for:

    • thick, milky white clouds thanks to dual percolators (inline & turbine)
    • chilled, clean, and flavorful hits from a standard (14mm) bowl
    • ergonomic, easy-to-grip design that reduces accidental drops
    • 12 inch height means you’ll never have to worry about splashback
    • easy-to-clean ‘everyday’ glass piece that’s session-ready in seconds

    Covered by our industry-breaking lifetime warranty. You’re covered… even if you run it over with your car! Get all the details here.

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    Giggles – Water Pipe